Top Things You Shouldn't Forget To Do When Using A Junk Car Removal Service

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If you want to use a junk car removal service to get rid of an old car, you might be wondering about all of the steps that you should take in the process. These are some of the common things that many people forget to do when using one of these services but you shouldn't forget yourself.

Leave Room for the Vehicle to Be Picked Up

Since your junk car probably doesn't run, you're probably going to need to have it picked up with a tow truck or trailer. There will need to be room for the tow truck driver to back up to your vehicle so they can pull it off of your property. Therefore, if possible, you might want to clear the area around your junk car. This will make things much easier for the junk car removal professional, and it will help them get the job done more quickly.

Find the Title

Most junk car removal services require their customers to hand over the title or other ownership documents for the vehicles that they remove. In some states, this is even required by law. Therefore, make sure you have your vehicle title in hand on the day that the junk car removal service will be picking the old car up from your property.

Remove the License Plate

If there is still a license plate on your junk car, you will need to remove it from the car before someone comes and picks it up. In many states, you are required to turn in an old license plate when you sell a car, even if you sell it to a junk car buyer and even if the license plate is expired. You should be able to remove the license plate yourself with a screwdriver, but if you have a hard time doing it yourself, the person who comes and picks up your vehicle might be willing to help you out with it.

Cancel the Insurance

If your vehicle is a junk vehicle that you aren't able to drive, it's possible that you might have already removed it from your insurance policy. If you have not done this yet, though, you will of course want to do it when you use a junk car removal service. Then, you won't have to worry about paying insurance premiums that you aren't required to pay.

Just make sure you don't forget to do these things, and you should have a good, easy experience with a junk car removal service.


5 May 2022

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