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Unfortunately, due to the fact that cars are mechanical inventions, it is inevitable that each car or truck will stop functioning at some point.  This may be due to mechanical failure or the reality of possibly being involved in an automobile accident.  Consequently your vehicle may require the use of a tow truck.  A tow truck will tow the inoperable vehicle either to a garage, body shop, to one's home, or another place of the owner's choosing.  Before engaging the service of a towing company, such as River's Truck Center, it is important to ask certain questions so that there are no surprises.

Basic Questions

The basic questions to ask a tow truck company before engaging their services pertain to the service they provide.  Therefore, ask questions regarding the area they serve, whether they can take your vehicle where you need it to be dropped off, whether or not they offer truck towing, how long it will take to get where the stranded vehicle is, etc.  Their answers will give insight as to their customer service and professionalism.  A towing experience can be very stressful to the owner of the vehicle.  The tone and friendliness of the person representing the tow truck company might sway the caller into using the service.

Financial Questions

Additional questions should relate to the cost of the towing service.  Therefore, the individual needing a tow should ask how much the towing service will cost.  The cost should include the hookup fee and also include the cost of transporting the broken-down vehicle to the destination.  The owner of the vehicle should also ask if there are any additional fees.  For example, there maybe an extra charge if the tow exceeds a certain number of miles.

Payment Questions

Other questions should include payment questions.  Those questions could include what payment options are available. For example, they may expect payment by credit card, or the towing service may allow invoicing. Other finance-related questions would include whether the stranded motorist may not be charged if he or she is a member of a participating association. The towing service may even work with your insurance provider to invoice and be paid through that provider.

Having to call a tow truck because your vehicle is not working can be a stressful experience. However, to alleviate some of that stress it is important to ask specific questions related to the towing service, as well as what payment options may be available to the stranded motorist.


5 December 2017

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