Signs You Need Tire Balancing

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It is recommended that you have your tires rebalanced every 6000 miles. This helps to keep them properly aligned. As you drive on your tires, they can become unbalanced and unaligned due to rough road, pot holes and regular wear and tear. Having them balanced and aligned helps to ensure that they wear properly, helping to extend the life of your tires. Unfortunately, not everyone gets their tires balanced and aligned every 6,000 miles as is recommended. And even if you do have your balanced as recommended, you can still experience issues that may cause you to need to get them re-balanced and aligned sooner. Here are a few of the signs that indicate that your tires may need to be properly balanced. 

Vibration in Your Steering Wheel and Seat

If your tires need to be aligned, one of the signs that you may notice is a vibration in your steering wheel or seat area while driving. Typically, you will notice the vibration more the faster you go. This vibration is caused due to your tires being improperly balanced. When your tires are properly balanced, they smoothly glide across the road, minimizing the vibration you feel. But when they are out of balance, you start to feel it in your seat and on the steering wheel. 

Swaying While Driving

Another of the signs that you may feel if your tires need to be rebalanced is swaying or pulling as you drive. If your tires are not balanced or out of alignment, your car may pull in one direction. When your tires are properly aligned, your car goes straight. But when they aren't it can pull or sway in the direction of the misaligned tires, causing you to have to hold your wheel steady to get your car to go straight. 

Irregular Wear on Your Tires

The last sign that indicates that your tires may need to be rebalanced is irregular wear on your tires. When you look at your tires, they should all display a normal wear pattern. But if it looks like one tire is wearing faster than the others, your tires may not be properly aligned. 

All of these signs indicate that your tires may not be properly aligned and balanced. If you notice any of these signs, you should take your car to your preferred tire shop, like Foster's Auto Service Inc, or auto mechanic. They can balance your tires and help to stop the vibration you may feel while driving, any swaying or pulling you feel while driving and prevent irregular wear on your tires. 


12 November 2017

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